Dreamgirls and The Subjection of People Through Strip Clubs

I feel that ice is slowly melting

Image by James Callan via Flickr

For all of you Seattle folks, I imagine you are like me.  You are sick and tired of seeing “Dreamgirls” signs atop taxi cabs all around the city.  They shine at night, illuminating giant pink letters over the top of a platinum blonde’s open mouth.  Or perhaps you see the brunette in leather, reclining seductively on some invisible cushion.  Whichever it is, I hope that you, like me, are weary of seeing such blatant eroticism on display.  As I move into my critique of this advertising campaign, I want to first be sure that I do not give into a very obvious androcentric temptation.  Too quickly, people assault strip clubs as marriage breakers and places that tempt men.  Oftentimes, the critique of strip clubs is focused on men and their perversion or infidelity as well as demonizing the women who work at such joints.  Instead, I want to look at the women and the men as victims in order to move blame away from the participants and into a demonic society.

Since I have never been to “Dreamgirls” or any strip club for that matter, I will simply launch my critique from the wording on the signs.  Each sign reads with this:

“DREAMGIRLS: Seattle’s Newest Gentleman’s Club”

Let us break down this sign bit by bit.

First, to state the obvious, it is an ad for a place where there are nude or scantily clad women on display for men to observe.  This place where women are displayed is immediately identified as a “Dream”.  Dreams are places where events occur without any of your control.  Anything can happen in a dream, and when you wake up, there are no consequences.  It does not matter if you killed someone or if someone killed you; a dream has no real life ramifications.  Thus, at first glance, this sign espouses a lie.  It implies that your participation and visitation at the place will cause no damage.  In fact, it separates the confines of the club from everything outside of it.  Nothing, not your psyche, not your physical body, not your spirit, not your marriage, not your platonic relationships with women, not your relationship with your female relatives, will experience any ramifications from entering.  Men receive a lie in order to tempt them into the club.

Men become the victims of a falsehood.  If we ask them to be discerning, then they are truly being deceived.  The club promises what it cannot give: nothing.  Nothing appears harmless, yet it promises everything!  What does it promise?  This is where the women come in.

Two contrasting gender titles jump off these signs: “GIRLS” and “man’s”.  Who is a girl?  A girl is young; she is innocent; and she is a female.  Who is a man?  A man is established; he is older, perhaps 25 at the youngest; and he is a male.  Add two adjectives, “DREAM”, which we already discussed, and “gentle” and the contrast goes even higher.  While “dream” signifies inconsequential, wonderful mystery, “gentleman” connotes a grounded, pleasant, respectable person who earned such a title based on how he is.  The men are flattered while the women are mislabeled.  The sign creates an authoritarian relationship.  As elder and respected, the men grasp power over the “girls”.  “DREAMGIRLS” promises the men power at the expense of the women.

The power dynamic reveals itself through the language used: “men” and “girls”.  We cannot dance around the honest truth; the linguistic power dynamic encourages rape.  This is why it is tempered with “DREAM”.  At dream girls, one can rape girls without any consequences.  The women are turned into young girls, and the men are encouraged to commit sexual acts with them all the while maintaining respectability while the women maintain innocence.  Quite obviously, this is impossible. Problems arise when fantasy becomes reality, when men wake up from the dream and realize it was real.  How do we solve the problem?  How do we end a world with “DREAMGIRLS”?

We require a societal shift.  Using the “DREAMGIRLS” signs, we can observe the norms.  What strip clubs represent is a form of puritanical sexuality.  They indicate what a culture believes sex should be like.  Unfortunately, sex requires trust, vulnerability, and emotion.  What would sex be like without these things?  A strip club shows us.  What does society want from sex?  First, it wants no consequences.  Second, and more importantly, it requires, from women, virginity and innocence.  Of course, these women spend their days taking their clothes off.  Such an expectation of them is impossible.  That proves the point.  The fantasy of society is virginal, young women having sex with aged, respectable men.  This puts the power into men’s hands.  They are the adults, the strong, and the respected subjecting the young, innocent girls to their sexual fantasies.  How do we change this?

Primarily, we need to remove virginity and innocence as the highest value for women.  This should not be replaced with eroticism and sexual experience.  That would only cause the same problem.  Instead, we need to equalize women and men.  The high virtues for women should be respectability, accomplishment, establishment, etc.  The same connotation of gentlemen should come into our minds when we think of great women.  Also, we need to change the categories for men.  Men who look for young, innocent women, whether it be for dating or for flings, need to be seen as what they are: predators.  We can no longer equivocate sexual desire expressed through pure indulgence as anything other than violence against women.  Sex cannot be seen as something to exert power in; rather it is an exercise between equals.  Ending the violence will mean men can no longer romanticize about pure, virginal women.  That is violence.  Such fantasy accomplishes the opposite of its intent: it rapes rather than respects.  Moreover, we need to tell the “DREAMGIRLS” of the world that we do not want their misogyny.  They can go fuck themselves.  Maybe that will teach them the importance of sex between equals.  Peace!

-ben adam


About ben adam

The world is going to hell in a handbasket, and we might miss Armageddon because we're too busy watching MTV and CNN. Please, read a book, throw a ball, bake some bread, and for goodness sake, turn the TV off.
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2 Responses to Dreamgirls and The Subjection of People Through Strip Clubs

  1. Maggie Gilman says:

    Agreed – the dynamics also severely harm everyone’s understanding of identity within sexual relationships and experiences – the way society see it (and what “gentleman’s” clubs enforce) is men as subjects within sexuality, and women as objects. Women are robbed of their sexual agency from the moment they enter the world – they are taught from a young age that they “give” and men “take” – that they “give in” to men’s desires, etc. What about women’s desires? All of this to say that all genders (sorry that I’ve been using gender binary terms) have been fragmented and damaged by these power imbalances – no one can fully experience or embrace their own humanness (and in turn their sexual selves) if the have skewed understandings of their own and others agency and that ALL people involved are subjects – that no one should ever be an object.

    • ben adam says:

      Thanks for responding, and also, look for an expanded and revised version of this post coming soon. Do not worry about using gender binary terms. The post itself is specific to the relations between females and males, so nbd. Thank you for your comments. I really appreciate it, and I also promise to read that book. Peace!

      -ben adam

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