Saddam Died For Their Sins

"The Deluge", Frontispiece to Gustav...

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If I say I will not speak

of them or mention how they made a

name for themselves, then within

me burns a fire that engulfs my shaking bones. The

burning touches my lips and loosens

the tongue glued to the roof of my mouth.

As one President kills thousands and the next

kills tens of thousands, Babel’s children seizure

and throw themselves headfirst into the

fire, hoping to be relieved of the demon who

made crucifixion a lucrative business enterprise.

Daughters know your mothers;

sons know your fathers;

and people know your enemies. At the door they

wait to ensnare you, but you must master yourself.

If they master you, your brother will die

and the city named after your child

will house no one.

The ensuing flood of violence on your

grandchildren’s chrildren and their children

appears as unavoidable as the rising tide.

In those days, when people

eat and drink, marry and are given

in marriage, they will come riding on a mushroom cloud.

Stripes of blood against a white-washed wall

chase fifty Lucifers into the fallout with victory

expelling from tongue-tied lips.

With my eyes I see; with my ears I hear.

Know your enemies: in your name, they kill.

They build back to the sky

so they can see the havoc wrought with

smiles at the sound of silence

if I say I will not speak.

There’s a special prize for whoever can find all the Bible references!


About ben adam

The world is going to hell in a handbasket, and we might miss Armageddon because we're too busy watching MTV and CNN. Please, read a book, throw a ball, bake some bread, and for goodness sake, turn the TV off.
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