About My Mess

My name in Hebrew means “Son of Humanity”. If you flip open to Ezekiel 2.1, you will find my name being called out by G*D to the prophet. When I first found out that was my name, it was as though G*D was talking directly to me. I listened. Now, I am an ordinary radical trying to live humbly, simply, faithfully, and subversively. This means I want to make a mess of the mess pride, extravagance, disobedience, and the status quo have made. These are my messes.

6 Responses to About My Mess

  1. LiberalCtMama says:

    What’s your twitter name, so I can follow you?

  2. Katy says:

    Ben, found your poem on Jesus Radicals. Love your blog–it seems we are attempting similar projects. I’ll be back often for more of your thoughts.

  3. A. Nonymous says:

    You either have not read the Bible, or have read it and decided to invent your own interpretation of it to excuse and/or defend your position on the abominable sin of homosexuality. The Bible absolutely forbids the sin of homosexuality. I believe that you are actively engaging in this sin, while desperately trying to find ways to legitimize and excuse it. Ask God for forgiveness…Repent…and follow Him. You will be forgiven of the sin of homosexuality, if you genuinely ask and repent. We are living in the last days…time is short. You do not want to go to
    the Lake of Fire for your sins…..I will pray for you, since you are lost and are blinded by Satan.
    God Bless You…

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