Economics of Endless War

Please click on the link to access the article!

Al Jazeera. “US arms sales shoot to record levels”. Al Jazeera English. 27 August 2012. Accessed 27 August 2012.

Great short article and video showing how the U.S. is a global arms dealer.

Fein, Bruce. “Weinstein is wrong about defense spending and Ron Paul.” The Daily Caller. 20 September 2011. Accessed 29 April 2012.

A great article that shows just how much money is being spent on defense and how that compares to the national deficit.

Turse, Nick. “The Military-Leisure Golf Complex: Pentagon elites and high government officials are tee-ing off at taxpayer expense at hundreds of courses all over the planet.” AlterNet. 12 April 2008. Accessed 29 April 2012.

A prolific writer about the Military-Industrial Complex uncovers the military’s spending on nearly hundreds of golf courses.

Wheeler, Winslow. “The Jet that Ate the Pentagon.” Foreign Policy. 26 April 2012. Accessed 29 April 2012.

An article about how much money the new F-35 will cost despite its poor performance.


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