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Anarchy Works

This is a poem that leads off a book I am reading titled Anarchy Works by Peter Gelderloos.  The book is actually Copyleft (no copyright), so I could just write it down and claim it as my own, but I … Continue reading

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Crazy Love: Not My Book

I finished Francis Chan and Danae Yankoski’s Crazy Love literally about 10 minutes ago. After the first three chapters that I thoroughly ravaged in my previous post, nothing really perturbed me very bad. There were times when I felt annoyed, … Continue reading

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An Article I Wrote After Colombia and Subsequently Forgot About

Conveying exactly what life is like in the Campo (the Colombian countryside) may prove difficult.  The distance between dirt-floor homes and fully-wired houses lies in more than geographical distance.  Understanding what occurs in small, Colombian, mountain hamlets will provide evidence … Continue reading

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Sermon on Luke 12.49-13.5: Get Rid of Your Stuff!

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