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“The Gates of Hell Will Not Overcome” Part 3: A Funeral for Heaven and Hell

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On the eve of the Bolshevik Revolution, the Russian Orthodox Church held a meeting to discuss and argue over the proper, faithful types of vestments priests should wear during worship. Little did they know that in the coming years they … Continue reading

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From Blog to Sermon: The Politics of the Resurrection Part 8: Resurrection Now!

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If this whole argument, from start to finish, has not made my point abundantly clear, let me attempt to summarize. Based on the social context of the day, crucified leaders were failed leaders. Rome killed people for political agitation or … Continue reading

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From Blog to Sermon: The Politics of the Resurrection Part 6: Matthew’s Gospel and Jesus’ Apocalypse

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At this point, I want to introduce several massive questions that drove me to write this whole series: If Jesus and his disciples were a Jewish movement similar to other Jewish movements of their day, why did they, unlike the … Continue reading

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From Blog to Sermon: The Politics of the Resurrection Part 4: Jesus Answers Questions

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The proper contexts for talking about Jesus and resurrection are now set. We know Jesus died in a shameful fashion. He died in a way no leader, no world ruler, and no person of long lasting importance ever would. We … Continue reading

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The Next Few Days: With a Shout Out to the Phillips Family, Andy Zook, Sue Ferguson Johnson,Wes Howard-Brook, Johanna Shorack,Theo Pulver, Matt Nguyen, Don Whitman, Bethany Chupp, and Many Others

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This post will be painful to write. Following on its coattails will be even more difficult. Have you ever had a sense of where you might be headed? Let’s say you’re driving a car, and you sort of know where … Continue reading

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Resurrection and Euangelion

I wrote this brief post in response not to Brian Terrell’s article critiquing Sojourners‘ “A Covenant of Civility” titled “A Covenant for Outrage” but in response to the ludicrous comments regarding that post that imply Jesus did not decry the … Continue reading

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I Am Going to Colombia

At several moments in my life, G-d calls me in such a clear fashion it becomes impossible for me to avoid.  One of these moments happened about a month ago.  This is the brief story of that and the results. … Continue reading

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