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Save $9000 and Smile More

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I recently bought this patch (above) from Microcosm Publishing. They have many great patches, and I highly encourage checking them out if you live in Portland. This patch lines up with what I have been feeling more and more. It … Continue reading

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The Revolution Will Not Serve Budweiser

This poem is dedicated to my friend Rob Zifchak who is currently 14 months sober and going strong.  Rob, your strength to stay clean inspires me to keep true to my self.  Thanks for your friendship.   Well, hello attractive … Continue reading

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Multinationals, Free Trade, Neo-liberalism, and Globalization: A Primer

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One of the ways people in the U.S. become anesthetized to the suffering of the very poor in both their own backyards and abroad is through the mass of cheap goods provided to them through gigantic corporations who span the … Continue reading

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Life Is Too Short to Take Personal Responsibility

WOW!  I just looked at our stack of mail and found the most disturbing pamphlet ever.  A woman with an insane shopping addiction lived here before we moved in.  She receives more mail than we do, and almost every piece … Continue reading

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The Issue of Atheism

First, I want to humbly say I have not solved the problem.  I only want to make this observation.  From where to modern atheists derive morality?  If humanity is involved in evolution and a part of evolution is the rise … Continue reading

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The Problem With the Modern Environmental Movement and Its Brief Moral Implications

The main concept we need to keep in mind when talking about environmentalism is that the planet will survive us, but we might not survive the planet.  The problem, then, is not terracide but suicide or, at the least, homicide.  … Continue reading

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