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From Blog to Sermon: The Politics of the Resurrection Part 8: Resurrection Now!

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If this whole argument, from start to finish, has not made my point abundantly clear, let me attempt to summarize. Based on the social context of the day, crucified leaders were failed leaders. Rome killed people for political agitation or … Continue reading

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Jesus Is Coming Back as a Palestinian Child

Last night, my boss and I discussed the perverse similarities between the U.S. and the Roman Empire. I observed how the relationship runs as deep as the crops both emphasized. Rome mono-cropped wheat all across the empire since it proved … Continue reading

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An Anabaptist Renewal of Lent

Luke 4.1-13 is a difficult passage for me to read.  I have a history of being a slacker.  Sometimes I take pride in laziness, especially when I am rewarded for it.  One of my favorite stories to tell about this … Continue reading

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