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Multinationals, Free Trade, Neo-liberalism, and Globalization: A Primer

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One of the ways people in the U.S. become anesthetized to the suffering of the very poor in both their own backyards and abroad is through the mass of cheap goods provided to them through gigantic corporations who span the … Continue reading

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From Blog to Sermon: The Politics of the Resurrection Part 8: Resurrection Now!

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If this whole argument, from start to finish, has not made my point abundantly clear, let me attempt to summarize. Based on the social context of the day, crucified leaders were failed leaders. Rome killed people for political agitation or … Continue reading

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A Sequel: Bumper Stickers Make Terrible Philosophers

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While riding home from a play in Ballard with my good friend and brother Andy Zook, we saw a bumper sticker on a car that read, “G-d Bless All Nations”. Underneath it, 15 different religious symbols stood all in a … Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Vote

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I hope this will be short. In 2007 and 2008, people all across the United States worked tirelessly. They wrote, drew, organized, rallied, yelled, and eventually, voted. Political organizations, schools, individuals, churches, nonprofits, corporations, and many other groups spent millions … Continue reading

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A Brief Summary About and In Defense of Christian Anarchism: How I Became a Christian Anarchist Part VII

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Anarchism, by placing everyone on the stage of equal importance, fundamentally calls for the end of oppression. Unfortunately, ending oppression is not a goal unique to anarchism. Leftists and even the Right maintain that they long to see an end … Continue reading

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Rejecting Socialism and the State as G-d: How I Became a Christian Anarchist Part VI

In the days following the Obama rally I attended, I gave up all patriotic allegiances. I abandoned the state as a provider of security and health. By looking at history, especially early 20th century history, and the ontology of the … Continue reading

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Why Christian Faith and Patriotism/Nationalism Are Incompatible

One day, my father said to me, “In an age in which we possess pictures of the world from space, we know that actual national borders do not exist.  We decided where they are.  So I do not see how … Continue reading

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