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Good Friday, Friend! I Was Arrested. How About Yourself?

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Today, my friends Sue Ferguson Johnson and Wes Howard-Brook led a group of several dozen folks downtown to the federal building stationed in Seattle. We proclaimed the Passion Narrative from John’s Gospel in celebration of Good Friday. On the ground … Continue reading

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From Blog to Sermon: The Politics of the Resurrection Part 7: Blam!

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The Roman empire killed Jesus on a cross. We must assume he was killed as a political agitator since that is why people were crucified in 1st century Palestine. The idea of resurrection derived, in the Jewish context, when foreign … Continue reading

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From Blog to Sermon: The Politics of the Resurrection Part 2: The Maccabees and Daniel

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With the historical context of the crucifixion fresh in our minds, we turn to the context surrounding resurrection. Hope for resurrection always occurred in the face of imperial dominance. The Hebrew Bible contains many figurative uses of people being raised … Continue reading

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A Brief Summary About and In Defense of Christian Anarchism: How I Became a Christian Anarchist Part VII

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Anarchism, by placing everyone on the stage of equal importance, fundamentally calls for the end of oppression. Unfortunately, ending oppression is not a goal unique to anarchism. Leftists and even the Right maintain that they long to see an end … Continue reading

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Rejecting Socialism and the State as G-d: How I Became a Christian Anarchist Part VI

In the days following the Obama rally I attended, I gave up all patriotic allegiances. I abandoned the state as a provider of security and health. By looking at history, especially early 20th century history, and the ontology of the … Continue reading

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My First Crack At Relating "Hook" to Important Things

Back in 1991, Steven Spielberg directed a film titled Hook starring Robin Williams, Julia Roberts, Maggie Smith, and the incomparable Dustin Hoffman as Captain Jas. Hook.  John Williams produced the soundtrack (to which I am currently listening).  Hook provides an … Continue reading

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I Am Going to Colombia

At several moments in my life, G-d calls me in such a clear fashion it becomes impossible for me to avoid.  One of these moments happened about a month ago.  This is the brief story of that and the results. … Continue reading

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