Politics and Real Transformation

The currently self-destructing system of corporate profit at the expense of human happiness and the environment props itself up by constantly selling us hope for the future as a substitute for transformation of the present.  We need hope if we’re to keep struggling for a different world in the face of hostile and discouraging conditions, but we have to be careful to avoid the false hope that consumerism, the media, and mainstream politics always offer us: A new shining leader who will fix everything, if only we elect them.  Dizzying new forms of techno-entertainment to take our minds off the crumbling economy and the dying planet.  And lots of new stuff to buy–hybrid cars, “alternative” fuels, crap made from fair trade this and recycled that.  If you can be thin, young, and beautiful through consumerism, surely you can be green, too, right?

Slingshot Collective, “False Hope; Real Transformation” in Slingshot 2009 Organizer

Representative democracy is a contradiction in terms.

Crimethinc., The Party’s Over: Beyond Politics, Beyond Democracy


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