These are books specifically about Anarchism or written by anarchists which I have found useful in my thinking.  Anarchism for me is more than an ideology; it is a spiritual discipline.  The practice of viewing all people as equally autonomous, important, and therefore, not to be dominated through hierarchies is what we must all do all the time, and I believe it may help us come closer to G-d.

Anarchy Works by Peter Gelderloos

This may be one of my favorite books ever.  Anti-copyrighted, the producers of this book print it at cost meaning they make no money off it and risk someone stealing it, copyrighting it, and earning pay for their work.  It does not matter to them.  They care more about their message, and the message includes a resistance to intellectual property!  Essentially, Gelderloos walks through every objection to an anarchist society and dispels those objections with real world examples of how anti-authoritarian, anarchist, anti-capitalist, or anti-government groups have made alternatives work.  Drawing heavily on the anarchists in Spain who fought the Fascists in the 1930’s, he uses around 70 examples of societies and organizations to prove that the current order does not have to be the way it is.  Fortunately, the objections that many of these examples no longer exist and are therefore unsustainable are met with proof that most anarchist experiments end because the state or some other authoritarian regime stepped in to stop it.  With fabulous prose, well cited sources, and beautiful hope, Gelderloos puts forward one of the best books on anarchy out there.  A must read for any politically active person trying to get out of the deathtrap of today’s increasingly globalized, capitalistic politics and trade.

The Coming Insurrection by The Invisible Committee

There is really very little to say about this book.  If you feel stagnant, if you feel the need to be viscerally challenged to live against the status quo, read this book.  It is a manifesto.  It probably took a week to write, and it takes an afternoon to read.  Originally written in French, no one knows who wrote it.  Its authors reject outright the pathetic stance of liberals, and it demands action.  I cannot really say much more.  Read the book.  There’s a free .pdf version of it linked to its title above.


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  1. Jeremiah says:

    a few others i would note for anyone. mutual aid by Kropotkin and civil disobedience by henry david thoreau and Emma Goldmans works. For newer literature I would suggest Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinns A peoples history of the United States, Stephen Kinzers overthrow and George Orwells 1984. if ur a just facts guy any disinformation guide by Russ is good! Happy Anarchism!
    Cheers mate!

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