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Why The Bible DOES NOT Forbid Homosexuality

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I want to dedicate this post to Dr. Kevin Neuhouser, my friend and mentor, who one day told me never to read the Bible like a fundamentalist because so many liberal LGB/TQqi-friendly Christians do, and he totally gave me the … Continue reading

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Resurrecting Paul Part 3: Don’t Do As the Romans Do

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The Apostle Paul lived in the Roman Empire. In the Roman Empire, a hierarchy existed between Rome and the nations. In English Bibles, the Greek word for “nations” is almost always translated as “Gentiles”. This enforces a hierarchy between Judean … Continue reading

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Resurrecting Paul Part 2: Saul the Pharisee

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The Apostle Paul lived in the Roman Empire. I must repeat this as often as I can. Rome spread the imperial ideology that it and it alone had the right to rule, that the Romans were, should be, and always … Continue reading

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Resurrecting Paul Part 1: The Roman Empire

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The Apostle Paul lived in the Roman Empire. The obvious truth of this statement belies the complete lack of concern biblical scholars and laypeople alike have given this simple fact for hundreds of years. Most people reading Paul seem happy … Continue reading

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