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Why The Bible DOES NOT Forbid Homosexuality

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I want to dedicate this post to Dr. Kevin Neuhouser, my friend and mentor, who one day told me never to read the Bible like a fundamentalist because so many liberal LGB/TQqi-friendly Christians do, and he totally gave me the … Continue reading

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“The Gates of Hell Will Not Overcome” Part 1: Mark Driscoll

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One of the goofball conundrums in evangelical circles involves the issue of accountability. Since Protestantism grew out of rejecting the Catholic hierarchy and evangelicalism, especially non-denominational churches, grew out of resisting mainline Protestant hierarchies and accountability structures, the question of … Continue reading

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Saddam Died For Their Sins

If I say I will not speak of them or mention how they made a name for themselves, then within me burns a fire that engulfs my shaking bones. The burning touches my lips and loosens the tongue glued to … Continue reading

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Crazy Love: Not My Book

I finished Francis Chan and Danae Yankoski’s Crazy Love literally about 10 minutes ago. After the first three chapters that I thoroughly ravaged in my previous post, nothing really perturbed me very bad. There were times when I felt annoyed, … Continue reading

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