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A Primer on Anarchy, Anarchists, and Anarchism: Part 1

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“Anarchy” conjures negative feelings in nearly all people. To most, it represents the breakdown of social order, and it elicits images of young men throwing Molotov cocktails while wearing bandannas on their faces. The common (mis)perception of anarchy perpetuates the … Continue reading

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Multinationals, Free Trade, Neo-liberalism, and Globalization: A Primer

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One of the ways people in the U.S. become anesthetized to the suffering of the very poor in both their own backyards and abroad is through the mass of cheap goods provided to them through gigantic corporations who span the … Continue reading

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The Anarchist G-d

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All that work on “The Politics of the Resurrection” put me in the mood for doing bigger and better research projects.  I am going to try to stay on top of my other reading goals, but starting tonight, I am … Continue reading

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Bumper Stickers Make Terrible Exegetes: Against Socialism

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While riding the bus home today from work, I saw a red Ford Focus station wagon with a mass of bumper stickers on it. Predominantly, they were stereotypically “liberal” bumper stickers. They said phrases like, “Proud to be everything conservatives … Continue reading

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A Brief Summary About and In Defense of Christian Anarchism: How I Became a Christian Anarchist Part VII

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Anarchism, by placing everyone on the stage of equal importance, fundamentally calls for the end of oppression. Unfortunately, ending oppression is not a goal unique to anarchism. Leftists and even the Right maintain that they long to see an end … Continue reading

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How I Became A Christian Anarchist: Part 1

I realized how badly I want to see the world and, more importantly, the Church become anarchist. The more I talk of anarchism with people, the more they tend to nod in agreement. Hierarchies are bad. Nevertheless, we all have … Continue reading

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