Glaser, John. “Transfer of US Troops Out of Japan Hardly a Withdrawal: Over 30,000 US troops will still occupy Japan after the relocation.” 27 April 2012. Accessed 29 April 2012.

A short article detailing what is going on in Japan by the U.S. military.  Look at the social impact of soldiers in peaceful, beautiful Okinawa.

Johnson, Chalmers. “America’s Empire of Bases.” 15 January 2004.  Accessed 29 April 2012.

An older article that analyzes U.S. bases globally before the Iraq war really got going.  Take note of the military’s indiscretions concerning environmental issues.

Turse, Nick and Tom Engelhardt. “All Bases Covered?” 10 January 2011. Accessed 29 April 2012.

A great article followed by Nick Turse’s “Empire of Bases 2.0.” If you want a good read about the extent of U.S. foreign military intervention, check this out.


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