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“The Gates of Hell Will Not Overcome” Part 3: A Funeral for Heaven and Hell

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On the eve of the Bolshevik Revolution, the Russian Orthodox Church held a meeting to discuss and argue over the proper, faithful types of vestments priests should wear during worship. Little did they know that in the coming years they … Continue reading

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The Bible vs. The Elect

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For those of you who do not use Twitter (like myself) or do not pay any attention to the Evangelical Christian pop culture sphere, you may not have heard about the rock star pastor Rob Bell and his new book … Continue reading

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How Stupid Are We?

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Recently, some superstitious morons decided to reveal that due to the earth’s spin and axis, the relative position of constellations in the night sky changed in comparison to the sun. This is not an unusual phenomenon. In fact, it happens … Continue reading

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What Are We Missing?

I went to a wedding on Saturday.  Honestly, I hated it.  Traditional weddings bore me.  They followed the formula perfectly with a sermon about why everyone needs to be married, why men are not good without women as their helpers, … Continue reading

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