The Cause of Homelessness

Since my forays into the realm of homeless service provision began, it has been in vogue to assert that homeless people are not to be blamed for their situation. Service providers frequently claim that homelessness happens due to many different … Continue reading

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Save $9000 and Smile More

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I recently bought this patch (above) from Microcosm Publishing. They have many great patches, and I highly encourage checking them out if you live in Portland. This patch lines up with what I have been feeling more and more. It … Continue reading

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Why The Bible DOES NOT Forbid Homosexuality

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I want to dedicate this post to Dr. Kevin Neuhouser, my friend and mentor, who one day told me never to read the Bible like a fundamentalist because so many liberal LGB/TQqi-friendly Christians do, and he totally gave me the … Continue reading

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The Revolution Will Not Serve Budweiser

This poem is dedicated to my friend Rob Zifchak who is currently 14 months sober and going strong.  Rob, your strength to stay clean inspires me to keep true to my self.  Thanks for your friendship.   Well, hello attractive … Continue reading

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A Primer on Anarchy, Anarchists, and Anarchism: Part 1

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“Anarchy” conjures negative feelings in nearly all people. To most, it represents the breakdown of social order, and it elicits images of young men throwing Molotov cocktails while wearing bandannas on their faces. The common (mis)perception of anarchy perpetuates the … Continue reading

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“I Feel Like I’m Taking Crazy Pills!”

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It has been a long while since I last wrote a blog. I am going to attempt a short one just to get back into the habit of doing them. Right now, I am as busy as I have ever … Continue reading

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Dear ben adam, What Are You Doing?

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Now that I finally finished my series on the bike trip, I think I need to write a brief post on where I am and what I am doing. For years, I said I would never end up in Los … Continue reading

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