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The Revolution Will Not Serve Budweiser

This poem is dedicated to my friend Rob Zifchak who is currently 14 months sober and going strong.  Rob, your strength to stay clean inspires me to keep true to my self.  Thanks for your friendship.   Well, hello attractive … Continue reading

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“I Feel Like I’m Taking Crazy Pills!”

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It has been a long while since I last wrote a blog. I am going to attempt a short one just to get back into the habit of doing them. Right now, I am as busy as I have ever … Continue reading

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Good Friday, Friend! I Was Arrested. How About Yourself?

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Today, my friends Sue Ferguson Johnson and Wes Howard-Brook led a group of several dozen folks downtown to the federal building stationed in Seattle. We proclaimed the Passion Narrative from John’s Gospel in celebration of Good Friday. On the ground … Continue reading

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Multinationals, Free Trade, Neo-liberalism, and Globalization: A Primer

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One of the ways people in the U.S. become anesthetized to the suffering of the very poor in both their own backyards and abroad is through the mass of cheap goods provided to them through gigantic corporations who span the … Continue reading

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Rejecting Socialism and the State as G-d: How I Became a Christian Anarchist Part VI

In the days following the Obama rally I attended, I gave up all patriotic allegiances. I abandoned the state as a provider of security and health. By looking at history, especially early 20th century history, and the ontology of the … Continue reading

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How Jesus Called Me to Repent of My Nationalism: How I Became a Christian Anarchist Part IV

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I struck up to live radically. I quit running track for SPU. I became a Student Ministry Coordinator. Since my Sophomore year of high school, I planned on being an English major, but I switched to Christian Theology. That summer, … Continue reading

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On the Road to Damascus (Or More Precisely, In the Dorm Called Ashton) With Apologies to My Ex-Girlfriend: How I Became a Christian Anarchist Part III

I mentioned earlier how 19 was an important year for me. The events of that year loom large in my mental vision. By that time, pacifism was less than something I believed. It became an identifier. Everyone knew how much … Continue reading

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Anarchy Works

This is a poem that leads off a book I am reading titled Anarchy Works by Peter Gelderloos.  The book is actually Copyleft (no copyright), so I could just write it down and claim it as my own, but I … Continue reading

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Resurrection and Euangelion

I wrote this brief post in response not to Brian Terrell’s article critiquing Sojourners‘ “A Covenant of Civility” titled “A Covenant for Outrage” but in response to the ludicrous comments regarding that post that imply Jesus did not decry the … Continue reading

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An Article I Wrote After Colombia and Subsequently Forgot About

Conveying exactly what life is like in the Campo (the Colombian countryside) may prove difficult.  The distance between dirt-floor homes and fully-wired houses lies in more than geographical distance.  Understanding what occurs in small, Colombian, mountain hamlets will provide evidence … Continue reading

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