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Redemption: Reform, Retreat, or Resistance

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Human rights groups proved multiple times the human rights violations of the multinational food service provider Sodexo. As a result, University of Washington students started lobbying the UW administration over eight months ago to cut their contract with Sodexo. After … Continue reading

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“The Gates of Hell Will Not Overcome” Part 3: A Funeral for Heaven and Hell

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On the eve of the Bolshevik Revolution, the Russian Orthodox Church held a meeting to discuss and argue over the proper, faithful types of vestments priests should wear during worship. Little did they know that in the coming years they … Continue reading

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The Anarchist G-d Part 1: Is There A Theology of Anarchism?

Many people flinch at the thought of theology. Oftentimes, they treat theology with suspicion and hesitation. Too often, theology and theologians have been related to Jesus’ pharisaic opponents and their attempts to interpret the Torah. Through this lens, theology has … Continue reading

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Life Is Too Short to Take Personal Responsibility

WOW!  I just looked at our stack of mail and found the most disturbing pamphlet ever.  A woman with an insane shopping addiction lived here before we moved in.  She receives more mail than we do, and almost every piece … Continue reading

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“How George W. Bush Turned Me Into a Liberal”, How I Became a Christian Anarchist: Part II

Let me return to the 10th grade. At the end of 9th grade, the Second Iraq War started. By 10th grade, in late 2003, the bombs had pretty much been falling on Baghdad for over 6 months (although they had … Continue reading

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Mark Driscoll: The Great Questions He Asks, and the Dumb Answers He Finds

Most people who knew me well during my time at Seattle Pacific University knew my intense loathing of Pastor Mark Driscoll at Mars Hill Church. I cannot pinpoint when I started vocally speaking out against his style of faith, but … Continue reading

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Crazy Love: Not My Book

I finished Francis Chan and Danae Yankoski’s Crazy Love literally about 10 minutes ago. After the first three chapters that I thoroughly ravaged in my previous post, nothing really perturbed me very bad. There were times when I felt annoyed, … Continue reading

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The Problem With the Modern Environmental Movement and Its Brief Moral Implications

The main concept we need to keep in mind when talking about environmentalism is that the planet will survive us, but we might not survive the planet.  The problem, then, is not terracide but suicide or, at the least, homicide.  … Continue reading

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